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Pueblo Woman Carrying Water
Plains Indian woman sewing. Taken at Fort Laramie treaty negotiations, probably by Alexander Gardner, 1868
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Yellow Moon (Zie-Wie) on day of arrival at school, probably Hampton Institute     
Sioux women winnowing wheat. By Adrian Ebell, 1862 immediately before the Sioux Revolt
Paiute group by John K. Hillers, ca. 1873
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Plains Indians w/ horse travois. Probably by Gardner at Ft. Laramie treaty negotiations, 1868
Straight feather--Comanche- & household. Drawing by Taylor
Plains Indian family group around cooking pots. Probably by Gardner at Ft. Laramie
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Plains Indian woman sewing. By Ridgway Glover at Ft. Laramie, 1866 or Gardner, 1868
Southwest Indian group, probably Navaho
Warm Springs woman
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Unidentified woman, perhaps Warm Springs
Chippewa women in canoe


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