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Zuni Woman. Photograph by Edward S. Curtis. 1903.  Photo Lot 59

Zuni woman. Photograph by Edward Sheriff Curtis, 1903. Library of Congress Copyright Deposit Collection of American Indian Photographs.

How to Search Our Catalogs

Looking for digital images? You can instruct our online catalog to perform an image-only search by adding "jpg" (i.e., JPEG image) to your keyword search string (for example, "Chinese jpg" or "Korean jpg").

Looking for a specific subject? Try a keyword or subject search in SIRIS. Combine keywords (for example, "manuscript" and "maori") to narrow searches that would otherwise result in a large number of search results.

Looking for a specific collection? View our Guide to the Collections first. Browse the table of contents by collection title or the name of the creator. Find a keyword within an open file by typing Ctrl-F and a search term (Mac users can type Command-F).

Looking for a specific culture or society? Many of our catalog records were created more than 100 years ago. They may include ethnonyms that are no longer preferred by members of a particular culture, tribe or ethnic group. It's always useful to try your search with alternate and antiquated terms.

"The Bridegroom's Family ..." by Kisan, 1886.

"The Bridegroom's Family Preparing Their Gifts to the Future Bride" by Kisan. Pen and ink, watercolor. Collected by Comm. R. W. Shufeldt at Ch'oryang, South Kyongsang Province, Korea, 1886. MS 211,195.

SIRIS: the Smithsonian Online Catalog

Anthropological fieldnotes, journals, manuscripts, photographs, moving images, sound recordings, artwork, maps and more than 60,000 digital images are described in the Archival, Manuscript and Photographic Collections catalog. See the sidebar at left for tips on searching.

Guide to the Collections
of the National Anthropological Archives

A comprehensive, alphabetically arranged guide to more than 650 manuscript and photograph collections acquired before 1996. More recent collections are described in SIRIS, in our finding aids, and in our What's New pages.

Guide to the Human Studies Film Archives

A comprehensive, geographically arranged guide to more than 8 million feet of ethnographic film and video acquired before 1994. More recent collections are described in SIRIS (the Smithsonian Online Catalog) and in our What's New pages.

Finding Aids for Individual Collections

One hundred of the 250 finding aids listed in Guide to the Collections of the National Anthropological Archives are currently available online. Additional printed finding aids are available upon request.

Guide to Anthropological Fieldnotes and Manuscripts in Archival Repositories

More than 850 anthropological collections in Smithsonian and non-Smithsonian archives are included in this continually updated guide to ethnographic fieldnotes and manuscripts.

CoPAR Bulletins

The Council for the Preservation of Anthropological Records (CoPAR) is dedicated to helping anthropologists, librarians, archivists, information specialists and others preserve and provide access to the record of human diversity and the history of the discipline.

Directory of Ethnographic Archives

Ethnographic archives and other resources for anthropologists.

Bureau of American Ethnology Publications

An electronic edition of the List of Publications of the Bureau of American Ethnology, With Index to Authors and Titles is available from the Smithsonian Institution Libraries.



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