Camping With the Sioux: Fieldwork Diary of Alice Cunningham Fletcher

Ma-To-Lousah (Swift Bear) wearing Peace Medal and holding fan. Photograph by Alexander Gardner, 1872. Photo Lot 24, BAE GN 3134-a.

Portrait of Family, Rosebud Reservation, 1880. Photo Lot 24, Inv. 00508800.

Three scaffold burials. Yankton Reservation, South Dakota. Photograph by William R. Cross. Photo Lot 24, BAE 4464 00530000.

Mounted warriors, Omaha Reservation, Nebraska. Photo Lot 24, BAE 4558, Neg. 4027.

View of buildings at Rosebud Agency, South Dakota. Photo Lot 24, BAE 4598 #1-6, Inv. 00561800.

View of Village Showing Tipis, Log Cabins, and Wagons. Cherry Creek, South Dakota, 1880 Photo Lot 24, BAE 23, Inv. 00510700.

Brule Dakota burial above ground. Rosebud Agency, South Dakota. Photograph by Jesse Hastings Bratley, 1895. Photo Lot 24, BAE 73-123 00516800.

Portrait of Sitting Bull, his mother, and his daughter holding child. Photograph by Miller, n.d. Photo Lot 24, Inv. 00500700.

Winter quarters of Sitting Bull's band, Fort Randall, South Dakota. Photograph by Bailey, Dix, and Mead, 1882. Photo Lot 24, BAE 4454, Inv. 00523900.

Sitting Bull and Travoriet, his Wife. Photograph by Bailey, Dix, and Mead. Fort Randall, South Dakota, 1882. Photo Lot 24, Inv. 00502300.

Sitting Bull wearing blanket, near tipis. Fort Randall, South Dakota. Bailey, Dix, and Mead, 1882. Photo Lot 24, BAE 4454 00524300.


Sitting Bull. Photograph by Palmquist and Jurgens [?], 1884. Photo Lot 24, Inv. 00501200.

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