Camping With the Sioux: Fieldwork Diary of Alice Cunningham Fletcher

Drawing of Ponca-Sioux battle by To-tay-go-nai (Standing Buffalo). Photograph by A. Zeno Shindler, 1858. BAE GN 4243, Inv. 06681600.

Sintegaliska (Spotted Tail). Photograph by Northwestern Photographic Company. Photo Lot 24, BAE 4544 #38, Inv. 00551000.

Portrait of Asanpi (Milk), n.d. Photo Lot 24, BAE 3225-a.

White Cloud (or White Thunder). Photograph by Charles Milton Bell, 1880. Photo Lot 24, BAE GN 3143.

Santee Manual Training School, 1880. Photo Lot 24, BAE 23 Inv. 00509700.

Omaha village, north and south Blackbird Creeks, near Blackbird Hill. Photograph by William Henry Jackson, 1868-69. Neg. No. 4038

Wooden Chapel at Santee, 1880. Photo Lot 24. Inv. 00509500.

View of A. L. Rigg's House 1880. Photo Lot 24, BAE 23, Inv. 00512000.

Government agent distributing rations to Yankton Sioux (detail). Photograph by J.H. Hamilton, before Nov. 1867. NAA MS 4605, Inv. 01600804.

Agent's home, Rosebud Agency. Photo Lot 24, Inv. 00510200.

Indian women's game. Photograph made at Miller, Hand County, South Dakota, ca. 1910. The women are probably from Ft. Thompson, Crow Creek Reservation, and are probably largely eastern Dakota groups. Vintage Prints of Indians, Inv. 10081400, Neg. 45,480.

Omaha dance at the Rosebud Agency, So. Dakota. Photograph by William R. Cross, 1891 Photo Lot 24. BAE 4464 Inv 00529200.

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