Artwork Collections on the Move to the Museum Support Center

Artwork collections were the first to move to the Museum Support Center, where a paper conservation team supported by a Save America's Treasures grant has been assembled to stabilize the drawings. In January, archivists, conservators, and anthropologists rolled up their sleeves to pack and ship the artwork collections to their new home.

Anthropologist Candace Greene is overseeing conservation of the artwork collection

Interns Victoria Book (left) and Karen Kramer (center) with Candace Greene, viewing an oversized Cuna map of Panama to be rolled and packed for the move

Conservator Susan Peckham (left) and program assistant Marit Munson arranging boxes of drawings on a cart

Oversized items presented unique challenges, as the NAA's present storage area is accessed only by a narrow stairway

Paper conservator Jayne Holt is adding foam padding to a box to keep fragile items from shifting during the move

Jayne uses old wooden drawers as containers for the smaller, acid-free cardboard artwork boxes

Marit (back to camera), Paula Fleming and Jayne Holt ponder the safest way to strap the fragile Cuna map on a cart

Conservator Greta Hansen (foreground) and conservation technician Denise Stockman secure the drawers onto the move carts

The carts are loaded onto the Smithsonian move trucks for their six-mile journey to the Museum Support Center

Archives director Jake Homiak bids a temporary adieu to the artwork