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The Year The Stars Fell

Squint Eye drawing of a turkey hunt

Taylor's drawing of the kidnapping of Josephine Meeker
Lakota Winter Counts Squint Eyes: Artist &
Indian Scout
Drawing the Western Frontier: The James E.
Taylor Album

Portait of Alice Fletcher

Henry Wood Elliot drawing

Page from W.D. Strong's fieldwork journal
Camping With the Sioux: Fieldwork Diary of Alice Cunningham Fletcher Henry Wood Elliot: An American Artist in Alaska Selections from the Field Journal of William Duncan Strong (Honduras, 1933)

Canela girl with body paint

Drawing of man on horseback

Portrait of Tichkematse
Canela Body Adornment: Photographs from the
William H. Crocker
Kiowa Drawings Tichkematse: A Cheyenne
at the Smithsonian

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