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State permit policies & procedures

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    Missouri Department of Conservation



    Stephanie Liebi
    Missouri Department of Conservation
    Attn: Wildlife Collector Permits
    P.O. Box 180
    Jefferson City, MO 65102-0180
    Phone (573) 522-4115 x 3574
    Fax (573) 5751-4864

Is a permit needed for banding?

Yes. Although the regulation is ambiguous, he questions on the application suggest that a state permit is required. Specifically, the application form states that:
a) federal permit ALSO required;
b) specifically includes mark/released/recaptured (and also specifically refers to "killed for study purposes." The Missouri Dept. of Conservation confirmed that a state permit is required for banding (pers. comm. S. Liebi to E. Paul, 24 August 2009).

Permit application forms

  • Application Form - Available here or from the agency website
  • Renewal - same form

  • Threatened and Endangered - same form

  • Salvage - same form. Indicate that you plan to salvage.

State lands

Indicate on application form.

Prior notice

Yes. The regulations below specify that “Advance notification shall be given to the conservation agent or Protection Division regional supervisor in the county or area as to where and when the collecting will be done.”


Relevant sections of the Missouri Code of State Regulations

Title 3. Department of Conservation
Chapter 5. Wildlife Code: Permits

3 CSR 10-5.205 Permits Required; Exceptions
PURPOSE: This rule establishes requirements for hunting, fishing and trapping permits,
and certain exceptions to those requirements.
(1) Any person who chases, pursues, takes, transports, ships, buys, sells, possesses, or
uses wildlife in any manner must first obtain the prescribed hunting, fishing, trapping, or
other permit, or be exempted under 3 CSR 10-9.110, with the following exceptions:

[no relevant exceptions]

3 CSR 10-5.210 Permits to be Signed and Carried
PURPOSE: This rule establishes procedures for identifying persons who have complied
with requirements for wildlife permits.
All permits and method exemptions shall be signed and carried by the permittee. Permits,
or temporary permit authorization number(s), and method exemptions shall be exhibited to any officer charged with the enforcement of this Code, or to any transportation
company or postal employee when presenting wildlife for shipment.

3 CSR 10-9.425 Wildlife Collector’s Permit
PURPOSE: This rule establishes a permit under which wildlife may be taken for scientific

(1) A permit to collect, possess, mount, or preserve wildlife for scientific related purposes:
(A) Wildlife Collector’s Permit for Scientific Purposes.
Wildlife collector’s permits may be granted to an authorized representative of a university, college, school, incorporated city, state or federal agency, publicly owned zoo, or wildlife or research organization or other qualified individual; provided, that the collection shall be used
exclusively for scientific, educational or museum purposes. Fee: five dollars ($5).
(B) Wildlife Collector’s Permit for Special Collections of Wildlife.
Wildlife collector’s permits may be issued to professionally qualified individuals who charge a fee for biological studies for specific projects where the potential results are of sufficient public value
and interest to justify special collection of wildlife. Fee: fifty dollars ($50).
(2) General Requirements for Permit Holders.
Species and numbers of each to be collected and collecting methods are limited to those specified on the permit. Advance notification shall be given to the conservation agent or Protection Division regional supervisor in the county or area as to where and
when the collecting will be done. The permit holder’s name, address and wildlife collector’s
permit number shall be on all trapping and netting devices. The traps, nets or other devices used under this permit shall be attended at least daily, or be constantly attended if so stated on the permit. The collected specimens shall be donated to a museum or educational institution or disposed of in accordance with instructions of the director. Wildlife held under a wildlife collector’s
permit may be propagated but shall not be sold or exhibited commercially. When holding live specimens, permit holders are required to adhere to wildlife confinement standards set forth in 3 CSR 10-9.220. The names and addresses of persons collecting under the direct supervision of the holder of the permit shall accompany the application for the permit. Field collection must be conducted under the in-person supervision of the permit holder. This permit does not relieve
the holder of full compliance with other provisions of the Code or other state and federal
(3) The wildlife collector’s permit is not valid until signed by the permit holder. The permit
is valid for one (1) year from January 1. The permit holder shall submit a wildlife collector’s
permit report to the department within thirty (30) days of the permit’s expiration date. Issuance of permits for the following year shall be conditioned on compliance with this Code, specified conditions of the permit and receipt of a satisfactory wildlife collector’s permit report. Department volunteers, working on authorized wildlife collection projects, are exempt from the requirements of
this section.

3 CSR 10-9.430 Bird Banding
PURPOSE: This rule authorizes bird banding by persons holding a federal permit.
Birds may be livetrapped for banding and released by persons holding a valid federal