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State permit policies & procedures

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Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks


Scott Peyton
Phone: 601.354.7303 ext 114


Tom Mann
Phone: (601) 354-7303 ext 116

Scientific Collecting Permits
Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, & Parks
Mississippi Museum of Natural Science
2148 Riverside Drive
Jackson, Mississippi 39202-1353

Is a permit required for banding?

As of June 2009, the Ornithological Council confirmed that a permit is required for any activity that involves handling a bird, including banding. On the application form, specify the activties for which authority is requested (e.g., banding, salvage, etc.) and attach a research proposal.

Permit application forms

  • Renewal - same form

  • Threatened and Endangered - same form

  • Salvage - same form

State lands

Include a request in your application; the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks will handle this request for you.

Prior notice

Check permit conditions. Even if not expressly required to do so, you should always contact the manager of that particular state land unit or with the owner of private land before your arrival. You want to be aware of the hunting seasons, and, of course want to be sure that your activities will not interfere with the activities of that park, wildlife management area, or other state land unit, and that your activities will not adversely affect public use of the land or with the activities of private landowners.


Per the office of the Mississippi Secretary of State, as of 2009, the Mississippi regulations are in the process of being re-codified and are not currently available.