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State permit policies & procedures

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Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources:


Jason Omick
Wildlife Program Assistant
Department of Land and Natural Resources
Division of Forestry and Wildlife
1151 Punchbowl St., Rm 325
Honolulu Hi 96813
Tel:(808) 587-4159
Cell (808) 372-4056

Is a permit required for banding?

Yes. The regulation specifically covers:
Catch, possess, injure, kill, destroy, sell, offer for sale, or transport any such
species, or any young or egg, or the dead body or skin thereof

(Hawaii Administrative Rules, Title 13: Department of Land and Natural Resources, Subtitle 5: Forestry and Wildlife; Chapter 124-2: Definitions)

Permit application form

  • Application Form: Download here
  • Renewal: same form
  • Threatened and Endangered: Actions effecting any endangered, threatened, candidate or proposed species (bird, animal, or plant; terrestrial or marine): Contact the Conservation Initiatives Coordinator. (email
  • Salvage: Request by filling in the “other” line in question 1 (activities to be authorized)

State lands

Separate permits are needed to work on state lands; see general permit information website for details:

Prior notice

Ornithologists must notify the land manger or landowner of the dates, times, and places where activities will take place to assure the safety of the researcher and to avoid conflict with activities scheduled for other researchers or the general public.

Policies and Procedures

Administrative Rules of the Division of Forestry & Wildlife §13-124-4 Scientific, propagation, and educational permits.
(a) Permits for collecting, possessing, killing, selling or offering for sale, and transporting threatened wildlife, indigenous wildlife, introduced wild birds, game birds, or game mammals may be issued by the board or its authorized representative for scientific or educational purposes including cultural activities, or for activities which will enhance the survival of the wildlife species.
(b) Permits to take, possess, process, sell or offer for sale, transport, or export any endangered species of wildlife may be issued only for scientific purposes or to enhance the propagation or survival of the wildlife species, except permits to possess legally obtained endangered species may be issued for educational purposes which enhance the survival of that species. [Eff 3/22/82; am and comp 8/28/86; am and comp ] (Auth: HRS §§183D-61, 195D-3, 195D-4, 195D-6) (Imp: HRS §§183D-6, 183D-61, 195D-3, 195D-4, 195D-5, 195D-6, 50 CFR §§17.11, 17.12)