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State permit policies & procedures

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Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission:

Permits website:


Protected Species Permit Coordinator
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Division of Habitat and Species Conservation, 620 South Meridian Street, Mail Station 2A, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1600
Phone (850) 921-5990, ext. 17310
Fax: (850) 921-1847

Is a permit required for banding?


The permit application specifically includes a request for permission to band.

Permit application forms

  • Application Form: Available here, or from this website 
  • Renewal: use same form
  • Threatened and Endangered: use same form
  • Salvage: use same form

State lands

Use same form

Prior notice

Not expressly required, but ornithologists should always notify the land manger or landowner of the dates, times, and places where activities will take place to assure the safety of the researcher and to avoid conflict with activities scheduled for other researchers or the general public


Florida Adminstrative Code Chapter 68

68A-9.002 Permits to Take Wildlife or Freshwater Fish for Justifiable Purposes.
(1) The executive director may issue permits authorizing the taking or possession of wildlife or freshwater fish or their nests or eggs for scientific, educational, exhibition, propagation, management or other justifiable purposes. Such permits shall be subject to such terms, conditions and restrictions as may be prescribed therein, provided that no such permits shall be operative as to migratory birds unless the holder thereof has a permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service permitting the taking, exhibiting, or possession of such birds, their nests or eggs. Failure to abide by all terms and conditions stipulated in any written permit issued by the executive director shall be a violation of this section.