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  • ORNITHOLOGY EXCHANGE! A new community forum for ornithologists. One stop shopping for all things of interest to ornithologists - society news and announcements, discussion groups on every topic under the ornithological sun, jobs, blogs, file-sharing, critical information and news about permits and animal welfare policies, and much more.Come over to Ornithology Exchange and get your ornithology on!
  • ORNITH-L: closed, 2011
  • BIRDJOBS-L: sign up to receive online listings of field assistantships, graduate fellowships, and other employment opportunites in ornithology by e-mail
  • NEOORN-L: a general discussion list about neotropical ornithology

  • AVECOL-L: a specialist discussion list for ornithology curators and collections managers

  • OCNET-L and OCNET-L Archives: closed, 2011
  • ABSnet: an electronic newsletter/discussion list about animal behavior.

  • ECOLOG-L: a general, moderated discussion list (electronic bulletin board) about ecology

  • BIRDBAND: a discussion list about bird banding